Energy and Climate MOOC

5 videos regarding actions that can be taken

The ABC and Avenir climatique, with the support of the ADEME, have worked together to create a MOOC regarding energy and the climate, which aims to foster the emergence of a generation of climate ambassadors.

While climate and energy issues occupy a relatively significant place in the media and politics, too many people find this to be a complex, even intimidating, subject. The 2 associations, Avenir Climatique and Association Bilan Carbone, with the support of the ADEME, wish to assists those – novices or experts – who wish to better understand our century’s major issues, and to create interdisciplinary bridges between theoretical concepts (geopolitics, sociology, climate, biodiversity…). The associations are seeking to develop an original MOOC that will help eco-citizens become part of the “climate ambassador” community.


The partners hope that this MOOC will go live at the start of the 2018 academic year on the FUN platform (France Université Numérique).

The pilot phase, of this ambitious project, was completed in the fall of 2016 with the launch of 5 independent videos, each 20 minutes long, which the ABC and Avenir Climatique call their “mini-MOOC”. These first five installments address the current energy-climate issues and solutions that can be put in place, individually and collectively.

Do not hesitate to put the subtitle on the videos.

We are addicted to fossil fuels

How much is left of fossil energy?

Climate change - Hot in front!

Let's avoid the unmanageable, manage the inevitable!

And now, what are we doing?

The launch event for the energy-climate MOOC by the ABC and Avenir Climatique was held on 14 October 2017 as part of Avenir Climatique’s 10th Anniversary celebrations in Paris.

The organizations are currently looking for intellectual and financial partners to participate in the creation and completion of the rest of the MOOC.

For more information, please visit Avenir climatique’s website.

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